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Time and Place

This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat.  Anyone is welcome to's the info:

  • Time: 10 am Eastern Daylight Time US (GMT-4)
  • Phone:
    • Dial the US Number: 1-408-792-6300
    • ...or dial one of the international numbers

      Australia Toll

      +61 (0)2 82239752

      Austria Toll

      +43 (0)1 79576257

      Belgium Toll

      +32 (0)22006259

      Denmark Toll

      +45 38323066

      Finland Toll

      +358 (0)9 72519058

      France Toll

      +33 (0)157323123

      Germany Toll

      +49 (0)69 51709070

      Ireland Toll

      +353 (0)1 6569197

      New Zealand Toll

      +64 (0)9 9200065

      Spain Toll

      +34 912754164

      UK Toll

      +44 (0)20 70267693

    • Then enter meeting number: 794 601 950
  • IRC:


  • Maven update: fcrepo-394 (Andrew)
  • Roadmap update (Chris)
  • Continuation of forum discussion (All)
  • Review of new feature requests/bug reports
  • Others?

Audio and Chat Log

[10:10] <cwilper> Action: Get website update with info on the codewatch list, on this page:
[10:12] <cwilper> Started. Maven update from Andrew:
[10:13] <cwilper> Andrew "On home stretch", "has been split into a few main modules"
[10:27] <cwilper> (discussion about m2 repository, deploying to central, and moving to osu/osl)
[10:34] <cwilper> (discussion on .classpath and .project -- should have in svn? Yes, documented)
[10:35] <cwilper>
[10:35] <cwilper>
[10:44] <cwilper> Action: (Chris) update site to point *only* to new roadmap (confusing right now...orig roadmap is still avaialable)
[10:46] <cwilper> todo: add query for 3.3 issues to roadmap
[10:48] <cwilper> forum: phpbb
[10:48] <bbranan>
[10:50] <cwilper>
[10:52] <cwilper>
[10:57] <cwilper>
[11:01] <cwilper> (discussion on email integration w/forum tool)
[11:01] <cwilper> requirement: email notification of threads you've signed up for
[11:03] <cwilper> non-requirement: respond via email (ok to link)
[11:03] <cwilper> non-requirement: stars (sad)
[11:05] <cwilper> requirement: body of announcements in email
[11:07] <DWDavis> in production
[11:08] <DWDavis> in test
[11:21] <cwilper>
[11:26] <cwilper>
[11:30] <cwilper>
[11:31] <cwilper> Action: FCREPO-489: Update API-M and API-A pages to explain why the wsdl needs to come from the /wsdl servlet and not Axis.
[11:38] <bbranan>
[11:40] <cwilper> Action: FCREPO-494: Dan trying to reproduce
[11:50] <cwilper>
[11:58] <cwilper>
[12:01] <cwilper> Action: Look into why editing the resolution (FCREPO-457) isn't allowed via JIRA (add to template?)
[12:08] <cwilper> Action: Review *old* "recieved" tracker items...Monday 10am

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