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Rights and Responsibilities of a Committer

Being a committer means participating in the evolution of the VIVO platform, typically by making changes to the source code, improving documentation, or managing the integration of contributions made by the community at large. But, it also means having a voice and an official vote on technical, administrative and release management issues, providing your expertise and guidance on the lists, organizing testing, etc.

We are mindful of the fact that no one is being paid to do this, and no specific time commitment is required or expected; in fact we do expect that one's involvement will fluctuate over time with job duties. Nor is there any specified term of office - one's job responsibilities may change over time, and also one's ability to devote time to VIVO.


Committers share the following rights:

  • Write access to the codebase
  • Release management privileges
  • Binding votes on procedural, code modification, and release issues
  • Access to the private committers mailing list


Committers share the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor and respond to project mailing lists
  • Attend project and technical meetings
  • Monitor and vet bug-tracker issues
  • Review and commit code contributions
  • Ensure code contributions are properly licensed
  • Guide and mentor new committers

End of Service

A VIVO committer may remove themself from the committer group at any time by sending an email to the committer mailing list indicating as much.

Additionally, if an existing VIVO committer has not performed any of the above "Responsibilities" for a period of four months or more, a representative of the committer team should send an email (cc'ing the committer mailing list) to the absent committer inquiring whether they would prefer to end their service. If no response is received from this email and a year passes, the absent committer may be removed from the committer group.

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  1. Regarding licensing (responsibilities, bullet 5):

    1. I have no idea what this bullet requires. How are we to ensure proper licensing?
    2. Are we confident that the existing code in VIVO and Vitro meets this criterion?
    1. Agreed, this is a much larger conversation.

      Once that is done, we need to ensure that dependency libraries and code contributions continue to be properly licensed.

  2. How about adding a line about writing documentation under the responsibilities header? 

    1. Sounds like a good idea... let's add it to tomorrow's agenda since a vote has already been called.

  3. It seems that the conjunction in the last sentence provides no possibility of removing an absent committer who merely responds to emails but continues not to fulfill responsibilities.  How about something like "If no response is received that justifies continued absence OR a full year passes with no fulfillment of any responsibilities, the absent committer may be removed from the committer group"?